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Whenever we talk about something traditional, we talk about the sense of royalty and class associated with it. It is one’s own tradition that defines their root identity and separates them from the others in the room. It defines our personalities, our culture and also the attributes we’ve inherited from our ancestors. There are a lot of things that are a part of our tradition say, the architectures, the costumes, the food, the language and also the local craftworks of the place we’re brought up in.

"Rudhigat" which literally means traditional, is an initiative started to promote the cultural and traditional artwork and craftsmanship of India. The crafts from different regions reflect the influence of different empires. Rudhigat brings with it the essence of the long established Indian art in the form of beautiful and ethnic handicrafts. Through our atavistic designs which are purely handmade we try to establish an unbreakable bond between the dynamically innovating present with the demulcent past. We have a wide range of  handicrafts which can be chosen to decorate a corner of the drawing room, for the entrance of your sweet home or as a lucky charm for your loved one.

Rudhigat has always been grateful to its hardworking and enthusiastic artisans who are the core of its foundation. Besides this Rudhigat is involved in the making procedures which are completely hand oriented which provides employment to a number of artisans in different fields for example, painting, carving, casting and-the-like. Our main motive is to empower these craftsmen from both the urban and rural areas and to promote the craftworks which have been thriving in India since centuries. Supporting, protecting and encouraging the artisans from all over the country and the art which they master is our utmost objective and we’ve been doing our best dedicatedly to accomplish it.

Rudhigat is our story, our journey which is carried forward with the firm dedication of our artisans and made beautiful with every chapter added by you.

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