Pure Natural Eco-Friendly Handcrafted Bamboo Mudda Collection!!

The specialty of Indian handicrafts is not limited to its detailed design or usage of vivid colors. The usage of eco-friendly raw materials is what makes Indian handicrafts so special. Indians are famous for making amazing things out of scratch. Rudhigat’s furniture is created from scratch from bamboo sticks. This bamboo furniture is known as “Sarkanda” & includes small handcrafted bamboo muddas. Muddas are small chairs with no stands like regular chairs. Having Muddas in your house can add a cozy look to your home decor. Buying these eco-friendly Muddas can help you take a step forward in saving our precious environment and Indian art culture.

Explore Crystal craft is an exquisite art form that showcases the mesmerizing beauty of crystal, where skilled artisans transform these precious materials into stunning creations.

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