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Handicrafts are one of the oldest traditions in the world. Handicrafts made from wood are created by carving or decorating the wood to create beautiful objects. Each craftsman creates their own unique handicraft based on his or her individual talents. India is known as the land of culture and tradition. India is known as the land of tradition and culture. Handicrafts are an integral part of India's unique customs. But India's hand industry is in crisis.

The tradition of Indian handicrafts, or Indian handicrafts, has been passed down from generation to generation. India is home to a variety of stunning jewelry and hand-painted paintings as well as beautiful woodcraft. These items are only found in India.

India is a top-ranked country in the supply of handicrafts around the globe. Indian handicrafts are a highly labor-based industry. They are distributed throughout the country, in both urban and rural areas. Indian artisans create unique masterpieces in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. These handicrafts are known for their durability and long life span.

Kadam Wood Handcrafted Owl Statue


History Of Indian Handicrafts

Handicrafts made from Indian wood date back to ancient times. Handicrafts is the art of crafting crafts with your hands. These Indian handicrafts were discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization, one of India's oldest civilizations. Handicrafts were developed in India during the medieval period. It grew until Britishers arrived.

The foreign market made it difficult for the handicraft sector to keep pace with. Because they were handmade and required one's skill, wooden handicrafts sold for a high price. It was time-consuming and required a lot of hard work.

Machine-made goods sold on the foreign market were more affordable and lasted longer, so people started to buy British products.

India's handicrafts are rich in history, art, culture, and religion. Handmade products are more appealing than machine-made products.

About wooden handicrafts

All know that India is a country of great culture and craft. These wooden home decorations made from handicraft are the most well-known art form in India. Because of their beauty, aesthetic and artistic importance, wooden handicrafts have a lot of popularity in India. India is home to many species of trees. These diverse trees were used to make wooden handicrafts. The utility and beauty of wood handicrafts from India is well-known. These handicrafts include furniture, boxes and beads as well as accessories, finely engraved figures, accessories, and other items. India is a tropical nation with evergreen and deciduous forests. Learn more about Indian handicrafts. A lot of wood was sourced from bamboo trees, Sheesham trees, Alpine forests, and trees that are native to arid areas. Beautiful toys, photo frames and dolls were made as well as wall hangings. decorative vase and showpieces. One of the most important forms of wood carving and decorating is the art of carving. For decorating houses, you can use wooden handicrafts.

Mahatma Gandhi Hand Carved small wooden sculpture


Types of Wooden Handicrafts

Wooden handicrafts can be used in many forms of culture and arts. Famous artisans have created a variety of woodwork in the form of figures and sculptures. There were three main art forms that were used to make decorative items: Warli, the famous Dhokra art form from West Bengal, and Madhubani. These handicrafts include everything from spoons to pipe stems to wooden fish hooks.

Carving a piece from wood takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Every piece of wood has a unique story. These are the techniques for making wood handicrafts. They can be used to decorate your house with furniture, showpieces and wooden frames.

Marblery:Marquetry, one of the most modern methods for making wood handicrafts is to insert pieces of material into wood to create intricate patterns. You can insert wood, metal, and other materials. The result is a stunning handmade wooden display. Marquetry is a simple process that uses only two veneer slices, which are then temporarily glued together. Marquetry, a modern craft that cuts thin wood slices with knives, is now a common form of marquetry. However, as we all know, knife cutting can be time-consuming and tedious so most marquetry uses a saw to cut the veneer.


Woodcarving: is one of the oldest methods for creating decorative wooden products. This is done by using a sharp instrument to decorate wood. There are several steps involved in wood carving, including blocking, smoothening and surfacing. These tools can include chisels and v-tools, as well as other tools. Wood carving can be used to create various wooden figures, ornaments, and idols. Wood carving is a widely-practiced method of creating sculptures.


Intarsia: Intarsia refers to woodcraft made by putting sections of wood into furniture, such as walls or floors. Intarsia is derived from the Latin word interserere, which means "to insert". This gives the mosaic look. Many people are still unfamiliar with the term intarsia, and its art form. This art was popularized in Egypt during the Arab occupation of the 17th century.